"I understand that it may take practice, but the fact is, being peaceful and living a joyful life is a choice that we make. If our experiences with people or situations external to ourselves 'make us' angry, frustrated or fearful…we have simply made that choice." ~Dagny Grant

Dagny Grant was raised in Kansas City, KS, studied music at Kansas State University, horticulture at the University of Kansas and business at the University of Minnesota and is currently residing in Northern Arizona.

Dagny has studied personal development philosophies since the age of 16.   She has been a student of practical quantum theory through the I AM principles under the mentorship of Harrison Klein, and among other passions Dagny is a speaker, EFT and NLP practitioner, author and new paradigms coach.  

Dagny has also focused study on the mechanics and nuances of internet marketing, and believes that her faculty position as Chief Marketing Officer with the I AM Group is a perfectly manifested fit with her education, talents, skills and passion.