Robert DiMattia, Multiple Business Owner, Coach & Mastermind Leader

Robert DiMattia is the CEO of Manifest Marketing and Online Business Advisors, two online and offline marketing companies.

He has worked as a coach and a mastermind leader with two of the most respected internet marketers in the world, Stephen Pierce and Mark Hendricks.

For many years he was concurrently a principal owner of DM Bindery Specialists, Inc. and Mail Box Inc, in the commercial printing and mailing industries, leading a combined total of over 80 employees.  His primary function was marketing the company’s services to Fortune 500 companies, nationwide.

It was in this capacity that he learned the key aspects of business management and direct marketing. Each day he was involved with clients’ marketing campaigns, integrating them into to the companies' production networks. He brings this experience to oversee the operations - especially the marketing operations - of the I Am Biz Group.